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Summary: Dahlia fattens up her man to mark him as hers, as per Kurain tradition. Written for the Phoenix Wright Kink Meme.


Dahlia glanced at the clock as she put the finishing touches on the huge chocolate cake sitting on the counter. Her perfect bone structure and ability to whip up jaw-droppingly large desserts were about all she’d gotten from her so-called mother. The former had served her well ever since she hit puberty, but she’d never imagined the latter would ever come in handy.

Dahlia scowled as she finished with the frosting and went to take the ice-cream out of the freezer. It was pathetic, this need within her to mark her man – especially when he was only supposed to be a nice distraction. It smacked of something her simpering, empty-headed sister would do, and probably was doing, instead of getting that fucking necklace back. Dahlia smirked as she cut a couple of large, healthy slices from the cake and set them on a separate plate. Poor stupid Feenie would be the size of a prize pig before he realised what was going on.

Not like Kristoph.

He hadn’t said anything yet, but Dahlia knew he’d noticed the extra pounds that had settled on his lanky frame. How could he not? He saw right through her delicate flower act, just as she saw right through him. All right, she admitted it – part of the thrill was seeing how far she could push him down this road before he confronted her.

And in the meantime, it was a warning for other women to keep their greedy hands off her property.

Dahlia picked up the ice-cream – a tub of vanilla and a tub of chocolate – and added two heaping spoonfuls of each to the slices of cake.

“What are you doing?”

Dahlia whirled around, remembering at the last minute to mask her anger that he’d snuck up on her. She plastered on an expression of wide-eyed surprise that she knew wouldn’t fool Kristoph for a second.

“Oh Krissy, you’re home!” she simpered, drinking him in as he stood in the doorway. Oh, that long golden hair, that tall, lanky frame, the full six inches of heavy fat hanging over his belt. Iris could keep short, dull-haired, dumb-as-a-rock Feenie once he handed over that damn necklace. Dahlia had landed herself a far superior specimen of manhood.

Slowly, deliberately, Kristoph pushed his glasses up his nose and stepped into the tiny kitchen area. Dahlia felt her heart beat a little faster as he advanced on her. He stopped a few feet away, on the point of invading her personal space, and tilted his head back slightly – just enough to look down his nose at her. He crossed his arms, his gaze flitting to the fully loaded plate and then back to her.

Dahlia clenched a hand in front of her chin, tears filling her eyes.

“…can’t I fix a sweet for my sweetie?” she asked, making sure her voice wobbled as she spoke.

Kristoph regarded her for a few moments more, then leaned past her for the knife. Dahlia felt a jolt of adrenaline, and slipped her free hand behind her for her parasol – she’d always known that one day he might turn on her.

She let go in surprise as Kristoph cut himself a thick slice of cake.

He straightened up with a handful of cake, and stared her right in the eyes as he took a huge bite, chocolate staining his lips.

He barely had time to swallow before Dahlia pushed him to the floor.
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