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Summary: The Von Karmas and the Gavins are all one family. Written for the Phoenix Wright Kink Meme.



Franziska's younger nephew studiously ignores her while he leafs through his new music book, though the little smile on his face tells her he hears her perfectly well. She taps her foot impatiently.

"Johann Gavin, you will look at me when I call you!"

"Then call me by my name," Johann replies cheekily, practicing his fingering on an invisible guitar.

"It is an utterly foolish name!" Franziska insists. "You don't even play one!"

Johann's grin only widens.

"Then I won't look at you when you call me."

Franziska considers yelling, but her sister is trying to get the baby to sleep, and she must consider her niece as much as her foolish nephew.

"Kristoph Gavin!" she snaps instead, turning her attention to her older nephew. "Have you no control over your little brother? Why do you allow him to go by such a foolish nickname?"

Kristoph halts his conversation with Miles Edgeworth, straightens up slightly, and blinks owlishly behind his glasses.

"How strange," he muses. "I can hear my aunt Franziska, but I can't see her anywhere." Franziska's face turns red as Kristoph makes a great show of looking for her. True, he is six years older than her, but she had hoped to catch up to him one day...until he hit sixteen and shot up to two meters almost overnight. She glares at Miles Edgeworth, who is laughing up his sleeve at her, and stomps over to her father's chair.

"Papa, please tell your grandson to show his aunt some respect! His insubordination is rubbing off on Miles Edgeworth!"

Papa does not look up from his newspaper. "Kristoph."

At this, Kristoph looks at her, eyes wide in mock surprise.

"Aah, there you are, Tante Franzi!" He leans down, hands resting on his knees. "Did you want something?"

Franziska glares up at him with as much auntly authority as she can muster.

"Kristoph, Miles..." She shoots Johann a dirty look, and grudgingly adds, "...Klavier." Johann sits up, that foolish smile still on his face, but at least she has his attention. "It is a lovely day outside, and my sister is trying to get Klara to sleep. Therefore, to give her some peace and quiet, we shall all go outside and play Horse Race."

Kristoph and Miles look at each other.


Franziska folds her arms. " 'Nay'?!"

"Nay," Kristoph repeats, a slight smirk on his face.

Franziska glowers from one to the other, ready to burst with frustration.

"Neigh," Miles clarifies, and swings her onto his back.
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